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Walking With The Christian Mystics: The Divine Transformation 

For many of us committed to the spiritual journey, it be hard to stay oriented. So often we take bits and pieces of wisdom and put them together as we go. We look for faith community, attend retreats, and commit to ongoing spiritual practices.  

But we still lose the thread.  

Fortunately, there are figures who have walked this path before us! Spiritual geniuses who have opened themselves to the process of inner transformation, who have walked that harrowing road toward Divine Union. There’s profound wisdom, direction, orientation, and inspiration available in these figures like Dionysius, Teresa of Avila, and Meister Eckhart. But who were these people and how do the pieces fit together? Contemplative Light’s new mini course is designed to help you get a deeper understanding of the Christian Mystical tradition and reflect on ways you can experience this inner transformation they teach of for yourself!  

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Here's what I'll be teaching...


The Divine Flowering - The Key Eras of Christian Mysticism

What is a Christian mystic? What are the major eras of the Christian Mystical tradition? Who is drawn to this kind of teaching? And how can we find simple orientation points in this territory?

Lesson One


The Divine Expressions - The Key Mystical Types  

What are the different types of Mystic? What precipitates the Mystical experience? And what type of Mystic resonates with you the most? 

Lesson Two


The Divine Journey - The Key Stages of Christian Mysticism  

What are the key stages in the spiritual journey of the Christian Mystic? Where are you on this journey? And what are some practical steps to help facilitate this movement along the spiritual path?

Lesson Four


Next Stes On The Journey 

In this video, we touch on stories of transformation, our ongoing course, two elephants in the room, and reflection on what your next steps might look like.


Normal price: $197  

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)