Christian Mysticism

We draw from the rich tradition of Christian monastics and mystics, from 20th century thinkers like Thomas Merton and Evelyn Underhill to Meister Eckhart, Pseudo-Dionysius, and the early Desert Fathers and Mothers.

Christian Mindfulness and Integral Psychology

We believe in a unitive and comprehensive apporach to growth.  We honor the work of Ken Wilber and other like-minded philosophers  in the field of Integral Meta-Theory.  We also take serious the serious positive health benefits shown by recent neurological research on mindfulness and meditation. 

 Spiritual Guides For The Christian Mystical Path

Bill Epperly, Ph.D

Bill Epperly, PhD, is a spiritual coach, biochemist and mystic. He has a certificate in Spiritual Direction, and teaches Centering Prayer, mindfulness meditation, and integral spirituality workshops. He is on the Board of Chicago Area Spiritual Directors and on the Circle of Service for Contemplative Outreach Chicago..

Clint Sabom

Clint Sabom is an award-winning writer and former monastic. He has been meditating and studying religion daily since 1997.  He now focuses on integrating Christian Mysticism into contemporary 21st century life.

Marc Shaw

 Marc is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, is a member of Spiritual Directors International and the Ignatian Spirituality Project, and has studied, practiced, and taught the contemplative path for over a decade. 

What Our Clients Say

"While I “know” and, indeed, have taught for years everything that you mentioned in our phone call and in your map the reality is that I had lost my point of view, my “center”, my connection/relationship with our Source, our God. What I seem to have needed was someone whacking me over the head with the truths that you did ... which specific language I had not heard before and which moved me instantly into a new heart-space. Just like that."

Brian M., British Colombia

"The call was great. The questions and answer setup works well, and you seem well versed in seeking out the specifics when needed to bring things in order, so that you can give them an idea of where to begin..."

Paul B., Texas.

"I applaud you for stepping out and providing information and services for those that are undergoing a spiritual transformation and are wondering what the heck is happening to them..."

Laura W., Colorado

Need a mirror for your path or some suggestions about getting through a "stuck" place?

We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing our initial thoughts. We offer phone sessions during the standard work week.  As we are three, times are flexible.